Construction Materials


Our Quarries and Aggregate Crusher Plants are stationed across the country to produce the required products for construction work as well as our Asphalt & Concrete production requirements. We have a combined capacity to produce over 850,000m3 of Aggregates a one year.

All our quarries are managed by experienced Mining Engineers and have obtained ‘A Licenses’ from the Geological Survey And Mining Bureau of Sri Lanka.

Our Aggregate Crusher plants are able of producing aggregates with ranging sizes from 0-5mm up to 230mm depending on the material requirement.



    We are currently operating 2 asphalt concrete plants stationed across four provinces allowing us to supply asphalt products to construction sites across the country.

    These plants have been recognized for their outstanding efficiency and performance. Each unit features impressive durability, computerized layouts, outstanding accuracy of all measuring equipment and complete pollution control systems. We have the capacity to produce over 250,000 metric tonnes of asphalt concrete in one year.



      KDAW Operates 4 Concrete Batching plants with 60m3/hour capacity each and a fifth with 25m3/hour plant in the Athurugiriya. The plants are also strategically located to cater several ongoing projects at any given time. The plants have batched mix designs varying from Grace 15 up to Grade 50 depending on the requirement and have a combined capacity to produce over 220,000 m3 per year.

      Furthermore to compliment the ready mix production we operate 15 company owned Concrete mixing trucks of 6m3 and 3m3 capacities and own 2 concrete pump car capable of pumping up to height of 37m and a stationary pump.


        Pre-Cast Products

        The use of pre-cast concrete products has over the years become practice that is time and cost efficient. Therefore KDAW operates a Pre-cast Site located in Karendeniya where road furniture such as Kerbs, Cover Slabs, Paving Slabs Culvert Boxes, Pre-Stressed Girders and Fence posts are casted, cured and kept ready for delivery to different projects.

        The products are designed according to regulations and strict quality control processes are maintained. Further the site is operated in compliance to ISO 9001 QMS as well as ISO 14001 EMS and ISO 18001 OHSAS regulations.


          Paving Blocks & Bricks

          Recognizing the market demand for paving blocks and bricks, the company invested in the acquisition of a fully automated concrete block making plant with the latest technology and a high production capacity of 2000-2500 blocks per hour. The plant is capable of producing blocks in many different shapes.

          Blocks from this plants were used for various projects such as paving roads, walk ways and jogging tracks. A completed iconic project was the paving of the Galle Fort internal roads for which the company won a National Construction award in 2012.


            Testing Laboratories

            Quality assurance and Quality control are mandatory in every project undertaken. For this KDAW has a fully equipped Central Laboratory based in Karendeniya capable of testing construction materials such as soil, aggregates, bituminous products, asphalt and concrete. Further to the central laboratory KDAW also maintains smaller laboratories local to respective projects.

            Whilst conducting test for materials used in our construction projects and from our quarries, crushers and asphalt plants, we also cater to private customers which also includes other construction companies.