Water Supply & Irrigation

Renowned for designing and constructing efficient water supply transmission and water distribution construction projects in Sri Lanka: KDAW offers its services through state-of-the-art engineering techniques. Exploring diverse design techniques, best suiting the client, KDAW also offers construction of water treatment plants, around the island. To date, KDAW has completed in excess of 1200KM of DI, UPVC and HDPE pipe laying. KDAW has also successfully completed a 3km Long dam in Vavuniya with a net catchment of 42sqkm and several water towers with varying capacities. KDAW currently holds CS1 Status in CIDA grading for Water Supply, Drainage & Irrigation.

Services in Water Supply & Irrigation

  • DI Pipe Transmission & Distribution Networks

    Specialists in DI pipe transmission & distribution networks, we offer consultancy and construction services for our customers

  • UPVC Pipe Distribution Networks

    KDAW designs and develops effective DI pipe transmission & distribution networks for residential and commercial requirements in Sri Lanka

  • Water Treatment Plants

    Building Water treatment plants including aerators, clarifiers, filters, ground reservoirs pump houses & elevated water tower construction

  • Supply & Installation

    We also specialize in supply & installation of M&E equipment, pumps & chlorinators, assuring high operational efficiency

What they say?

K.D.A.Weerasinghe & Co.,(PVT) LTD which is reckoned as a Grade I construction company by Govt. of Sri Lankais reputed for engineering precision and excellent acumen compared to similar engineering organisations in Sri Lanka.This company pocesses a very lively work force with high talented skills and experiences in civil Engineering Technology.

–S.M.Choo - Project Manager Keangnam Enterprises, LTD.–

Department head

We study customer requirements in-depth. Our success is based on operational methods and dependable equipment. We provide services for medium to large scale projects, guaranteeing reliability. -Mr.K.K.D.A.Jayaweera - DGM Water Supply & Drainage

our accreditation

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