Quality Process

KDAW offers quality assurance in its services in Sri Lanka, testing its equipment and material at many points of the production and construction processors. Laboratory & Field Testing of Materials ensure that we offer long lasting structures that are solid and reliable.


Soil & Aggregates Analysis

Sieve Analysis & Moisture content of Soil & Aggregates, Water Absorption of Aggregates, Specific Gravity & Bulk Density, Flakiness & Elongation Index, Aggregate Crushing & Impact values, Soil Index properties. Tests: Laboratory CBR, Proctor Compaction, 10% Fines value, Field Density

Concrete Analysis

Concrete Mix Designs, Green Concrete Tests, Compression Strength Tests of Concrete Test Cubes, Precast Road Paving & Cement Blocks

Bitumen and Asphalt

Depot tray test, Penetration test, Softening Point test, Asphalt mix design, Marshall test, Extraction test, Core cutting for asphalt

Water Supply

Hydrostatic Pressure Testing & Disinfection of pipe networks (incl. Chemical & Bacterial Testing), In-situ Density Testing of trench reinstatement in pipe laying, Soil tests, Bearing Capacity & related tests