The company is lead by its Directors and team of managers. Strategic decision making, long-term vision and careful guidance of the Directors has over the two decades steered the company in the direction of success, becoming one of the largest construction companies in Sri Lanka. And the keen and thorough input by a team of committed managers has enabled the company productively improve its capabilities and expand its capacity over the years.

  • Mr. K. D. A. Weerasinghe

  • Mrs. S. L. W. A. Weerasinghe
    Director / Secretary

  • Mr. M. P. Weerasinghe
    Managing Director

  • Mr. S. G. Weerasinghe
    Director Administration


  • Mr. K. D. L. Leelarathne
    General Manager -Technical
  • Mr. N.A. Wickramasinghe
    General Manager – Construction
  • Mr. P.L.P. Liyanage
    Dep. General Manager – Contract Administration
  • Mr. C.Q. Tennakoon
    Dep. General Manager – Finance
  • Mr. K.K.D.A. Jayaweera
    Dep. General Manager – Water Supply & Drainage
  • Mr. U.C.L Udakumbura
    Dept. General Manager – Tendering and Procurement
  • Mr. G. A. B. Rohitha
    Dep. General Manager – Plants & Machinery
  • Mr. S. Sureshkumar
    Dep. General Manager - Projects
  • Mr. K.G.N. Priyadarshana
    Dep. General Manager – Operations & Quality Assurance
  • Mr. K. Ponnamperuma
    Asst. General Manager - Projects
  • Mr. M.P.P Jayasinghe
    Manager - HR & Administration
  • Mr. R.A.J. N. Perera
    Asst. General Manager - Planning
  • Mr. H. Abeysirigunawardena
    IMS Coordinator

Chairman's message

"Delivery of high quality construction work with a commitment to continuous improvement has always been the philosophy here at KDAW."

"Delivery of high quality construction work with a commitment to continuous improvement has always been the philosophy here at KDAW. The company has offered its services to various prestigious clients for over 20 years having successfully completed projects funded by both the Government of Sri Lanka as well as various foreign institutes. The numerous commendations received from these clients are proof of our prowess at undertaking and completing of Civil Engineering work in the field of Highways, Water Supply & Drainage, Airports, Buildings, Bridges, irrigation and Dredging.

Our highly qualified as well as experienced work force has proven their capacity over the years. Equipped with state of the art machinery and plants, the company has been able to establish itself at the fore front of civil Engineering construction in Sri Lanka."


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